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Electronic Music Series

As many of you are aware, the technique I developed to create my work is modeled after techniques used in the creation and synthesis of sounds for electronic music composition.  As a way to advance my technique, I began creating a series of images based on major figures in the history of electronic music.  To date I have completed six images exploring the work of Steve Reich, Wendy Carlos, Leon Theremin, Brian Eno, and John Chowning.

As I work on the images for this series, I listen to compositions by the people I am focusing on.  I research their life and what they did to advance their techniques and try to understand how their contributions affected the development of electronic music.  Through this effort I have gained a great deal of insight into my own work by learning about the problems these people wrestled with and the amazing things they accomplished in their attempts to solve them.

I have really enjoyed creating the images in the series and am excited they have been well-received.  Theremin and Reich were just selected for Americas 2011: Paperworks, a national juried exhibition held annually at the Northwest Art Center at Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota.  The exhibition opens January 10 and runs through February 18.  An opening reception will be held January 19.

Theremin and Eno were selected earlier this year for Art at the X, an exhibition at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and Theremin II and Chowning were exhibited at Digital Works held at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences in New Jersey.  Eno was also selected for the Bauhaus-Inspired Photography exhibition that was mounted in conjunction with Filter Photo Festival in Chicago in October, and Theremin was selected for PINNACLE at the Foster Tanner Arts Gallery at Floriday A&M University in September.

Aquatic Works Headed West for Der Zeitgenosse

We received more exciting news today – Aquatic I and Aquatic II were both accepted for Der Zeitgenosse: a national juried exhibition of contemporary art held at Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art.  This year’s juror is Megan Murphy, a Spokane-area artist and founder of who is currently exhibiting at PDX Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon.

Der Zeitgenosse (which translates to the contemporary) opens February 25 and runs through April 1, 2010.

Web Image of "Aquatic I"

Aquatic I, (34h x 32w inches), © 2009

Web Image of "Aquatic II"

Aquatic II, (34h x 36w inches), © 2009

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